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Join us for this exclusive event if…

+ You've been looking for a way to re-connect as a couple

+ You like doing fun things together, such as cooking and wine tasting

+ You've considered starting Couple's Therapy, but weren't sure what to expect or how to start

+ You're committed to developing a better relationship

If you're like any human being walking the earth, you're probably wondering what you can expect at this event. You can expect...

+ CONFIDENTIAL Comprehensive Couple's Assessment with a Licensed Therapist!

+ Couple's SWAG Bag w/your preference of wine among other goodies!

+ Games & Connecting Activities you can use at home!

+ Opportunity to create a sexy side dish with endless possibilities as a couple! 

+ Connections with other couples interested in creating healthier relationships! 


This event is limited to FOUR couples only, so register early to snag your spot!

This sounds great! How do we get registered for this event?