Non-traditional Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas (With The Kids)

We are probably all tired this morning from staying up late to make sure the turkey and dressing came out juuuust right! It feels good to sleep in too I'm sure...well unless you're the cook or the hostess for tonight! I know you have a lot to do, so I just wanted to pop on over to the blog and share a couple of ideas on how to make the holidays more meaningful! Here we go...

volunteer at a shelter.

Volunteering at a shelter or food pantry is a great way to give back to the community and teach your kids what the holidays are really about! Many of us are blessed beyond what we even realize and it's sad that we don't (or at least most of us don't) take the time to give back through-out the year. We are responsible for teaching our kids habits that shape their character and that means we have to participate and be examples! Here are some nearby shelters: Lazarus House, Wayside Cross Ministries & Hosanna Lutheran Church.

attend bingo night.

Going to a nursing home or assisted living senior citizen building means the world to an elderly person! You would be surprised at how much they value someone coming to just sit with them or talk to them. Here are a few nursing homes nearby to make a seniors night: Rosewood Care CenterRobin's Nest Assisted Living & Heritage Woods.

sponsor a family.

Sponsoring a family is a great way to make sure your family is reminded that acts of kindness happen all through the year. Some organizations provide a way for families to give a monthly donation, while others provide opportunities to fill a box and ship it to a family. Discuss it with your family and decide which option works for you. Here are some organizations: Sponsor A Family, Toys for Tots & Operation Christmas Child.

I hope these suggestions help make the holidays a little bit more meaningful! Alright that's enough from me - go celebrate the holidays with your family!

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