Guest Post I An Easy 5-Step PM Routine to Kick the Anxiety Blues

Guest Post I An Easy 5-Step PM Routine to Kick the Anxiety Blues

I am pleased to introduce to you Ms. Lovely Rose! I’m so touched by her survival story on overcoming anxiety! I love her vulnerability in sharing her journey. Many clients I meet struggle with anxiety and Lovely Rose offers simple yet practical steps for managing anxiety. Meditation is a widely used practice, but as Lovely Rose suggests I would highly recommend personalizing your routine. For example, Buddhists meditate for enlightenment + to connect to their inner self. While Christians meditate on the Word of God to stay connected to Jesus Christ. Do your research + follow your heart in establishing your routine. Without further ado…

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A 5-Step PM Routine to Kick the Anxiety Blues

Watch out you are going to die worthlessly!

 This is an extreme statement but a truth I once lived when going through a high level attack of anxiety + panic. When I was four years old, I experienced anxiety ever since my family migrated from Asia to the well known land of opportunities, the United States of America. Aside from the struggles of learning to assimilate, growing up with a family of six with lower middle class income posed constant financial pressures, creating an environment of stress + worry. My parents however did the best they could with the very little we had, making simple pleasures in life feel so rich.

I think it is safe + obvious to say we all struggle with anxiety in different degrees + stages in our life. In my younger years, resources on learning how to manage anxiety were not so readily available, but now we have an abundance of information via internet (maybe too much information where it can create anxiety in itself). Listen, one thing I know from growing up with limited resources is that simple is more, especially in a world that is not so simple. I have gone ahead + learned the hard way for you!

While working at a high-stress position in the Banking Industry, I had one of the worst anxiety attacks I have ever had which led me to re-evaluate my life. From the outside you would assume I had it all together, but there was a constant war within. It took me awhile to get to a place where I cleaned up my act (from years of living in automatic mode). I had a great job, a partner, quit smoking, drinking, partying (way too hard for too long) + letting go of any negative influences in my life. I would occasionally exercise + eat a decent healthy diet, but there was still something missing. Even after having a great job + a stable relationship at home... why was I battling these anxiety attacks that would make me feel uncomfortable, insecure, not enough + as if I was out of breath + going to die? Eventually, my personal + professional plans were dictated by my anxiety. I knew that an anxiety attack was an eventuality. But that is no way to live. No way! I was not going to accept that as my reality.

What comes with a great job? Good Insurance! Therefore, I had access to the best doctors, specialist + institutions. I’ve seen more doctors than I can count. With my ongoing list of medications, I felt as if I could have opened + competed with the best drugs stores out there. Watch out Walgreens! In addition, the-know-it-all King Google, and the-info-filled Queen Youtube, became a part of my health team in managing my anxiety.  

After many years of personal experimentation, I found Yoga was just the beginning of seeking alternative modalities. I looked further into this new form of movement + healing which led me to meditation. Yoga + meditation worked side by side like Penn + Teller in a magician act. It’s magic calmed my mind + body. This time this wasn’t an illusion. It’s real! With holding a sacred space in my life for meditation, I learned to practice movement + mindfulness harmoniously. By simply having a consistent meditation practice, I began to align myself to my inner being. Finding + accepting awareness with my true-self, has helped me create the foundations to build peace + balance.

Meditation comes in many forms + modalities. There is no real right or wrong way, what feels right to you is personal.  Anyone can do it + the more consistent you are, the easier it will become. A study published in April 2013 in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience reported, “ that a meditative practice, can reduce anxiety levels by up to 22%.” Research has also suggested that meditating can actually form new + permanent neural connections in the brain.  Developing a meditation practice, especially as part of your PM routine, is the key to increased joyfulness, regardless of your circumstances. When you meditate regularly + deeply, you unite your consciousness as a limited being with the unlimited whole. This imbues unlimited power into all that you do. You will experience the realization that happiness + chronic anxiety does not co-exist in the same mind space.

Here is an easy 5-Step PM routine to help manage anxiety. This is my personal routine and has done wonders with managing my symptoms, simple solutions with lasting effects at a low cost.


Put it to rest, the television, phone, tablet + any other electrical devices an hour before bedtime. Creating a space of reduced electromagnetic frequencies can help the body begin to relax + signal the body to unwind + release any energy that does not serve you.


Set the environment by softly playing meditative music + dimming any harsh lights. Learn to listen to your body + identify triggers removing them from your mind. Do you or your space need more positive energy, attraction of love, or peace? Choose what feels right for you as this can change depending on what your body needs to heal that day.


Take a warm bath or shower. Do not rush this process. This is where you practice releasing all thoughts, worries + to-do’s. In your bath or shower, visualize the music + be still. Feel the water wash away any worries + be present. Practice to breathe deeply, inhaling on a 4 count + exhaling to a 6 count. You will feel a refreshing of your mind, body + soul.


I do this by practicing a self-massage with a warm oil of my choice. I like coconut or sesame oil.  I follow an ancient Ayurvedic practice called Abhanyga (traditionally the self-massage is performed prior to your shower or bath, I perform mine after).  Research has shown dated from ancient times that the modality of touch is a healing practice. Incorporating this self-care routine can help nourish your mind, body + soul.


Before you catch your z’s in bed, read a book that has nothing to do with work or self-help books.  Select reading material that connect to your inner child, fantasy + discovery; there is more to you then work + ways to improve yourself. You have all day to do that. Nourish this sacred time to remember your inner pilot + enjoy your true essence.

By adding an easy manageable PM routine, I was able to begin the healing journey in overcoming my anxieties. By letting go of non-serving thoughts + negativity, you are shifting the power back to you. Regain control of your mental health + the ripple effect begins. Your unique power to change + overcome never left you. Unlimited power has always been in you, waiting on you to call upon it to show you that you are whole + AMAZING! The shifts in your energies will begin to transform + you will begin to regain confidence in owning your mental faculties in loving yourself.

Often times when we hear the word anxiety, we assume a negative state of being or weakness. However, there is a natural state of anxiety that we as humans are genetically predisposition to, the Flight or Fight affect; this being connected to your mindset + nervous system.  I LIVE with anxiety but now I am no longer fighting it, I’m simply owning my thoughts + finding ways to help find the calm.

If you are struggling with anxiety, please know you are boundless in love + light, because that is who you are. Being YOU is good enough regardless of internal or external circumstances. I encourage you to try adding a PM routine + become the advocate of your mind + body.  Become a sacred disciple to yourself. I promise you the shift in energies will begin to align.


With Love + Gratitude,

Lovely Rose Kahanding

Lovely Rose Khadanding, C.H.C., is a Health + Wellness Expert, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach + Blogger-In-Chief at SF based MYLOVELYROSE.COM. With over a span oof 17 years, this VP turned Humble Health Warrior, personally battled mind + body health issues, which shifted her dedication to advocate for a Happier, Healthier + AH-MAZING Abundant lifestyle. Lovely Rose leads through her Health Ambassador work for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition + Thrive Market. When she is not tending to her urban rooftop garden, rallying for sustainable organic practices + creating recipes in her kitchen like a mad scientist, she is an author working n her 1st Health book that is set to publish by the end of the year!

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