Short Review | 10 Dark Parenting Truths Every Person Should Know

This week's post is slightly different than my usual posts, because I want to share a powerful article with you from someone else. I believe her message is so vital to parenting in today's society, so I want to share it with as many people as possible. If you have not read the article 10 Dark Parenting Truths Every Person Should Know by Kristen Oganowski - please head over to her site to check it out! 

I love her authenticity and honesty in this post! Many of the truths described in her post - 98% of parents have experienced before. Yet a lot of people would shame a parent who openly expressed these thoughts. This has to change. We have to come to a place where we allow people to feel how they want to feel. We then validate those feelings. Taking these steps first is what will allow us to help parents/each other move past those dark feelings. 

Giving parents the space to verbalize these dark feelings is powerful! Not only does it empower the parent, but it empowers those around the parent as well. Your deepest, darkest, most painful memory could encourage others to move past their own imperfections! How? Well if you are a new Mama and you dropped your baby, it is thee absolute worse feeling in the world and you can never forgive yourself...until you meet 5 other Mamas that have dropped their babies too! Their babies are healthy and have normal lives! But guess what? They felt just like you when they dropped their baby. It was hearing the encouragement of someone who had been there or experienced what they had experienced that helped to push them past the shame.


Your deepest, darkest, most painful memory could encourage others to move past their own imperfections!

Covering up these truths does much more harm than good in the long run, because we're not supporting one another. Throughout life support from other people is absolutely vital! Especially when it comes to marriage, family life and parenting. Parenting opens up the door to our own harsh realities and makes us consider our values and ethics. I believe the one thing that allows us to "make it" through parenting is finding our tribe. Finding a tribe of people who think the same way, support each other and genuine have a desire to see each other succeed.

Do you have a tribe? If not, you are more than welcome to join FTHC's Tribe! Just fill out the form below. Need more information on the tribe before joining? Click here. Again, if you have not read the article I would encourage you to read it and share it with people!