Day 10: Ask a Professional - Meet Mercedes Samudio!

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Through-out this series, you will be introduced to several professionals who have graciously offered to sit with me for an interview. The people I have chosen to interview have professional experience in dealing with the specific topics and would not mind (I’m sure) if you contacted them with questions. Ok, enough of my blabbing – here we go…

Parent Coach Mercedes Samudio

Seida@ FTHC: Who are you?
Mercedes: Mercedes Samudio

Seida @ FTHC: What is the name of your practice? Where is it located?
Mercedes: The Parenting Skill, Huntington Beach, CA

Seida @ FTHC: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Anything counts! =)
Mercedes: I am a parent coach who has been working with families for years helping them achieve results in developing dynamic parent/child relationships, ending the shame around parenting, and giving parents the confidence to raise healthy children in today’s world. I have been named a leading parenting expert certified in nonviolent parenting and attachment parenting and featured in The Huffington Post, The New Social Worker Magazine, Daily Parent, Parenting OC Magazine and Kids In The House. 

I received my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA.

 I believe that all parents need support to develop their parenting skill set. It’s not a matter of good versus bad parenting. It’s more a matter of whether parents are using the parent-child relationship in an effective way to manage their child’s behaviors. For me, the parent-child relationship can be one of the strongest bonds we ever have as humans, and my work to restore and heal that bond in families is what drives my passion for parenting. You can read more about her parenting expertise at

Seida @ FTHC: What is your therapeutic specialty? How did you start in this area?
Mercedes: My specialty is working with parents to help them feel confident and empowered while raising their children. What I love seeing is a parent who came to me feeling like they were at their wits end tell me after a few sessions that they feel like they can help manage their family with more effective tools! I’ve known that I wanted to work with families since undergrad, but the decision to focus on parent coaching emerged when I realized something really profound. I realized that the best way to help children and families was to help the caregivers who are the guides for the family. When parents and caregivers feel supported they do amazing things like reach out for support, share their struggles openly, and work with their family to find effective solutions.

Seida @ FTHC: What tips do you have for people you work with (your niche) about developing better relationships with those around them?
Mercedes: The best tip I have for working with families and with parents is to never judge or shame. It can be difficult to do that because we want the best for the families we work with and we can see where the main barriers are. But, when we blame/shame/judge we disrupt the dynamic therapeutic bind we’ll need to really help shift the family into change and see positive results. When we work with parents, we have to put aside our expectations and ideals and really learn to see families for who they really are - as opposed to who we want them to be. If you use that tip, and keep it in mind as you work with parents and their families, you’ll be able to help them move forward in life changing ways!

Seida @ FTHC: What is the biggest lesson you learned from a client?
Mercedes: The biggest lesson I’ve learned from all my clients is that I am them and they are me. There is nothing that separates me from them or them from me! We are both humans trying to survive in this journey called life. The only difference I can see is that I am trained to deal with the chaos that they come to me seeking support for. And, for me, I love showing my parents that this training I have they can have too. That truth keeps me humble with my clients and helps me to really see that doing this work is a parallel process - there is no way for me to guide a family to change and I now change in the process as well.

Seida @ FTHC: Any more nuggets of wisdom to share?
Mercedes: I’d like to share that I’m on a mission to #EndParentShaming! I started this hashtag with the intention that those who joined would understand that we are not dismissing ineffective parenting strategies, but rather showing solidarity and support that parenting is difficult and shaming those who have this role does more harm than good! I’d love for you to join this mission too -learn more here!

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