Better Relationships

Ok - I promised to help you think differently about the relationships in your life through-out this series. We have tackled some tough situations. I have asked you to have some serious conversations and change your perspective. I wouldn’t be a Therapist if I didn’t offer breaks through-out the series specifically for positive relationship-building experiences. If you have been doing the work, you probably need a date night!

Date nights are essential for couples and families! Date nights allow everyone to let their guards down and simply enjoy being with one another. No doubt you’re probably tired of the tension in your home. Maybe you want to go on a date, but you struggle with what you will talk about. Or you don’t think it will matter since the relationship is so damaged. If you need help figuring out what to talk about, how to initiate the date or even what to do – send me an email! I would be glad to help.

No matter the situation, here are ideas for date nights! These ideas work for couples and families! If you love doing something that isn’t listed here, leave me a comment or send me an email! I would love to hear what your family likes to do for fun. BONUS: Ideas for family fun in the St. Charles area!

Idea #1: Movie in the park
Tip for couples: Bring a picnic blanket, some
champagne and strawberries. Find a cozy spot that is intimate, but still allows you to watch the movie.
Tip for families: Be sure to bring LOTS of bug spray to prevent getting bitten! Remember this is family time, try your best to tune into your kids. Try to figure out what they like or what makes them tick. Take your time with this.

Idea #2: Rock Climbing
Tip for couples: Be supportive of one another! Rock climbing is not your basic
every day date. In fact, rock climbing is very hard, but also rewarding when you finally reach the top. Rock climbing might give you a clue as to how you and your significant other may handle conflict!  
Tip for families: Be careful and make sure you go to a rock climbing facility that focuses on helping kids at various levels. As always, be supportive for your child.

Idea #3: Game Night
Tip for couples: Invite other couples over & be a good sport!! Support your spouse! This will help improve your relationship, make you look good AND give you brownie points with your spouse!
Tip for families: As tempting as it might be to invite your kid’s friends over, I would recommend that it would just remain
family for the first few game nights. The goal here is to bond with your kids. Once you feel your family is ready, feel free to invite other kids over. Once you start this process, I would encourage you to continue having game nights specifically for your family every once in a while.

Family Game night

Idea #4: Ice Skating
Tip for couples: Don’t be afraid to be “that couple” – you know the ones doting over each other looking like they are attached at the hip? Yup! Be THAT couple! It’s good for your relationship!
Tip for families: Focus on enjoying your kids! Ice skating isn’t easy for everyone. Don’t get frustrated by the little things that go along with taking your kid to a family event.

Idea #5: Painting Studio
Tip for couples: Go to a studio session specifically for couples! The music and overall atmosphere is different than a “girlfriends paint night.” 
Tip for families: Schedule with a studio that specializes in teaching kids to paint. Remember to be supportive regardless of what your child creates! It can be scary creating art if you believe you will be judged for it.


Family fun night

Idea #6: Medieval Times
Tip for couples: If your spouse is into this and you aren’t, try your best to relax and be engaged! Live in this moment with your spouse!
Tip for families: No cell phones! Enjoy the show! Engage in meaningful conversation with your children. Look for ways during the show to truly bond!

BONUS! Check out the games below for in-house family game night!

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