Feb 2017 | Therapist Playlist

Feb 2017 | Therapist Playlist

Music Has The Power To Heal: What Your Therapist  Is Listening To..!

If you’re a regular Tribe Member, you’ve been receiving my emails on ways to get through this season. Many people struggle with Seasonal Depression + have a hard time figuring out how to advocate for themselves. It’s not easy to figure out what coping strategies (grab your free Personalized Coping Skills Workbook  here) might work when you can’t think clearly.

Someone struggling with Seasonal Depression may find it challenging to communicate exactly how they feel to someone who has never experienced Depression.  If you’re struggling with Seasonal Depression, today’s post is for you!

I’m that Therapist who believes our stories have the power to heal others! We are so afraid to share our survival stories with one another for fear of judgment + truth be told….. we DO judge each other + it isn’t fair! Ok ok -- I’m jumping off of my soapbox with that one! However, if you were sitting across from me in my office, I would say to you, “It sucks trying to explain your depression to other people! I recognize that, but every so often….someone gets it...”

I get so many clients asking me how they can get through severe anxiety and depression if people don’t understand them. My first response is always to lean on the people who DO understand you! Your support system is essential to your journey!  The second thing I say to my clients is to figure out personalized coping strategies that you can do on your own!

I want to share one of my personal favorites: MUSIC! Music has the power to heal -- whether we listen to music without words or music with words. Today on the blog I want to share what your Therapist is listening to + reasons why I love these songs! Ready…?

Music Has The Power To Heal:

What Your Therapist Is Listening To


Tell Your Heart To Beat Again
— Danny Gokey

1 // I love this song, because it’s a reminder that life does throw us completely off course…. And when that happens… you have to tell your heart to beat again… to experience life again… to function again… this isn’t something that’s easy to do… Many of my client begin therapy needing the reminder to allow their heart to be vulnerable again - stop holding their breath + experience the fullness of life again!

Scars To Your Beautiful
— Alessia Cara

2 // One of my amazing clients (we will call them Client A) recommended this song to me, because we frequently listen to music during session. This song couldn't be more appropriate for Client A, because it's what they've come to learn + accept. Their scars remind them of how beautiful they are -- their scars make them a better person, because they overcame! We try to hide who are + cover up behind job titles + accomplishments, but ultimately we all want to be accepted. This also reminds us to be kind to those “weird” people, because 1/ you’re a complete weirdo to someone + 2/ you never know what people go through!

— Jordan Feliz

3 // If no one told YOU today -- you’re loved! Yes, you reading this sentence right here: YOU ARE LOVED! You are highly valued! Your presence matters + if someone didn’t see you walking down the street, showing up for work or school -- they would wonder where you were! If you feel like no one loves you or you simply need human interaction -- send me an email or come join the Tribe Lounge! We are very supportive of one another + we love meeting new people! Before you do any of that - listen to this song + let it remind you that you are loved + you have purpose!

Rise Up
— Andra Day


4// A reminder that we need each other! This is a reminder that I can’t function without the people who walk it out with me. When I feel defeated, I need to lean on my support system. When I feel discouraged, I’m encouraged by their belief in my strength! This is a reminder that with the support of others, you can move mountains!

— Danny Gokey

5 // I love the line “...your heart’s paralyzed, you’re so stuck…” I know it’s a weird line to love, but I love it because so many people say, “Why can’t you just snap out of it?” Life is not that simple, when your heart feels paralyzed by fear, trauma, rejection + everything else it’s impossible for you to simply “snap out of it!” It takes other people walking alongside of you to convince you that you can do it!

Would you do me a huge favor? Would you please listen to these songs? What we listen to ultimately determines what we believe about ourselves. I want you to know + feel that you are beloved, your heart can beat vibrantly again, your scars make you beautiful, you can rise up because we are gonna walk this thing out together! If you feel inclined to do so, share your thoughts on these songs either in the comments, in the Tribe Lounge or send me an email! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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