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FTHBTS16 | From the Heart Breaks the Stigma 2016

I would never do that!
She is CRAZY!
If I talk about it, I’m going to make things worse...
I don’t understand this pain or how to make it go away, but I don’t want to tell anyone....because they will think I’m a freak...

I'm sure you've heard all of these myths surrounding suicide before. You may have even been the one who said/thought it. My goal in this series is to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. It's considered a taboo area + many times the only ones who are brave enough to touch on it are mental health professionals. While this is awesome to have professional support, it means nothing if people are too nervous to speak out + share their survival story

I decided to switch things up a bit for this series + created a video for you guys explaining the series, the deets {details} for the giveaway + hopefully inspiring you to join me in breaking the stigma on suicide!!! Enough chatter - let's get started! 

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Below are the many links references in the video...

Resources for Suicide Prevention

24-Hr National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | 800.273.8255

Suicide Prevention App

Other helpful websites: