Tips for Keeping Your Relationships Healthy

If this is your first time joining me on the blog, I want to welcome you! You will find this is a safe, supportive space for discussing the "ins + outs" of relationships! How is this blog a safe space you ask? Well it's more like a place for me to share information with you regarding various relationships in your life. However, the FTHC Tribe Lounge is a place for people to openly discuss relationships of any kind. If I've peaked your interest in the Tribe - click here to find out more information. 

In the meantime, FTHC Tribe members support healthy relationships! We don't deny the fact that relationships go through rough patches. We simply support each other through those rough patches. We embrace the difficult times and help one another move through it. We support each other through both success and hardships. Why? Because people need each other to survive. 

This week I wanted to share a post by Dr. Barton Goldsmith (as a guest post on Heidi Johnson's Talk Psyche to Me) on beautiful truths that most people experience in their relationships. These truths exemplify the entire purpose for why I felt the Tribe was necessary to create. The truths in this list are things no one wants to talk about, but suffer in silence when they go through it. We were meant to connect with others and that connection comes from various points of pain. The reason success and joy is so fulfilling is due to the struggle it took to get there. You value the relationships more when you experience the trenches* together. Enough of my talking, here is the link to the article. Let me know what your thoughts are! What do you value in relationships? How do you get through the rough patches?

*THE TRENCHES: the difficult part of the relationship where the work happens. I spoke about this more in the Periscope on Genuine Love. You can find it here