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Reader Q + A | Adolescent Males

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Yesterday we talked about the importance of creating a safe space and how to lay the groundwork for creating such a space. Today we will finish our conversation around this. Let’s dive right into the final steps…

Set ground rules:
Nothing you say is stupid. This is an example of a ground rule for a conversation that takes place in a safe space. This is a pretty good general rule, because nothing anyone says is stupid. All of our thoughts come with an emotion and some meaning attached to it. It was said to accomplish a purpose.

4 Reasons to #endparentshaming Now!

" I wish my child would do that - I would (insert incriminating statement that might require a call to the Department of Child & Family Services)!"

"Your child goes to bed at what time? Pssshh! (insert eye roll) That's bad parenting!"

"That child needs a spankin' that's why they're so bad!"

"See? He spanks his child - that's why they're so violent at school!"

"Ice cream as a bribe??? Tuh!!! They got that child spoiled!"