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Reader Q + A | Adolescent Males

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Suicide should always be taken seriously. If someone is considering suicide, the best thing to do is to get them talking about it. It is never a mistake to talk about suicide with the person. If you are unsure how to handle the situation, find someone who can help you. Never be afraid to tell someone even if the suicidal person says they were not serious. Allow a trained professional to assess their risk for suicide.

I am so honored to present this woman’s story to you. When I met this woman I knew there was something special about her. She was kind, caring and always cheerful. I was surprised to hear what she had been through and even more amazed by the resilience she demonstrated as she experienced these the things she is going to share.

You are trying to get the laundry done, cook dinner, get clothes ready for tomorrow and you have already talked to your kids 3 times about getting in the shower. No one is listening!

You are having a discussion with your spouse for what feels like the 100th time about the same thing you always argue about and you can’t understand why they don’t get it! You’re not speaking another language if they would simply L-I-S-T-E-N to what you’re saying!