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Trust Restored | The Journey of Healing

Well this is it for sure! Your spouse just crossed the line for the last time + you are done with the relationship! You want out! No matter how many ways you phrase it or break it down - your teen directly defies what you tell them to do! You're certain you're not speaking another language + you're done. Absolutely finished! You're not sure what that looks like as a parent, but you know you're THERE! 

Trust is sacred. Trust is a demonstration of love + respect. Trust is foreign to some, yet a comfort to all. Trust allows you to do the unthinkable + believe the impossible. Without trust...there is no relationship.... I'm sure this sounds a bit harsh, but it's true! Trust is the foundation for any relationship. You trust that you will be paid in two weeks for the work you do now. You trust that when you drive across a bridge it won't give out on you. Every place we go, we experience some level of trust. Is it any wonder when it's broken we become so defensive? 

The Ultimate Guide to Positive Discipline

I don't have to know you personally to know that you have areas of improvement in your life. How can I say this with such confidence? Well because I have areas of improvement as well. Discipline is something everyone could use more of! We grow disciplined in one area + then discover another area where we need to start working to improve. Our first experience with discipline comes when we are infants. Our parents instill in us values, ethics + morals for navigating through various phases of life. This experience can either be positive or negative.

Once we become parents, we have a choice to pass on the same parenting techniques or raise our children to experience the world differently. How do we know we are disciplining in a style that is beneficial to our child(ren)?

Short Review | 10 Dark Parenting Truths Every Person Should Know

This week's post is slightly different than my usual posts, because I want to share a powerful article with you from someone else. I believe her message is so vital to parenting in today's society, so I want to share it with as many people as possible. If you have not read the article 10 Dark Parenting Truths Every Person Should Know by Kristen Oganowski - please head over to her site to check it out! 

I love her authenticity and honesty in this post! Many of the truths described in her post - 98% of parents have experienced before. Yet a lot of people would shame a parent who openly expressed these thoughts. This has to change. We have to come to a place where we allow people to feel how they want to feel. We then validate those feelings. Taking these steps first is what will allow us to help parents/each other move past those dark feelings.