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Finding Happiness After Trauma!

After our lives have been touched by traumatic events it can seem impossible to go back to life as it used to be. The truth of the matter will never be like it used to be. Once you have been impacted by trauma, your life changes forever. This could be a positive or negative experience depending on how you look at it.

Healing after trauma may seem impossible, but I’m here to tell you that if you do the work healing AND happiness after trauma is entirely possible! You might ask, “Well Seida how? How do I find happiness after this ugly, depressing or demoralizing thing has happened?”

From the Heart Breaks the Stigma Series | Hospitalization

Have you ever been hospitalized for a physical ailment? Were you ashamed to be headed to the hospital? Were you made fun of for getting injured or feeling sick? Did you push past the taunts that you were "whining" about the ailment to get what you needed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, how is psychiatric hospitalization any different? I can see many of you now nervous, because of thoughts like "What if I did have to be hospitalized for being crazy?" or "I was hospitalized, but I don't want anyone to know..." The reason you feel like that is because there is a heavy stigma attached to mental illness + I'm on a mission to break that stigma! 

The "Unsaveables"

There is a new generation of kids now that are finding themselves on their own. These are the kids who steal... the kids who lie constantly... the kids who are promiscuous... the "weed heads" the yet again pregnant teen... these are the "unsaveables." The "unsaveables" most often come with an extreme amount of baggage and various labels attached to them. This baggage can be a mental disorder, such as Bipolar Disorder or Conduct Disorder. However, it could also be a medical condition the child is predisposed to, such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.