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Reader Q + A | Why Do Parents Walk Away From Their Children?

Dear Reader,

Thanks for being brave enough to ask this question! So many of us are nervous or scared to invite "real life" conversations + I applaud you for being the one to get the ball rolling! There are many reasons why parents walk out on their families, but the root of all of these reasons (I believe)  is pain.  Let's think about several different situations that most likely come to mind when you think of an absentee parent

Spring Clean... Your Attitude!

Ever find yourself in a super agitated state? I'm not talking about when something has happened to you. I mean one of those super agitated 4 week long irritable moods.... yep - that one time you're thinking of in your head! Perhaps you find yourself in a funk and you're not really sure how to pull yourself out of it. Or maybe you feel justified for being in a funk, because people are just plain old annoying! 

As we have gone through the series, you may have wondered when we would talk about dealing with broken friendships. Well that day has arrived! If you draw a huge portion of your strength and support in life from your friends - then nothing hurts worse than a friend who betrayed that friendship! This feeling of betrayal and/or rejection can go as deep as sleeping with your husband or as "small" as forgetting to invite you to a significant event in their life.

Yesterday, we dealt with some of the things newlyweds tend to go through when starting their lives together. Today I want to talk to you about dealing with a marriage that’s in crisis. Nobody intends to reach this point in marriage where you can barely stand to be in the same room with each other. However, the reality is it happens more often than not. So how do you recover from this point in marriage? How do you repair brokenness? Is it too late?