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Simple Solutions for Depressed Teens

So your teen has a formal diagnosis of what? You've decided to continue with therapy + that's awesome when they're in session, but what the heck are you supposed to do in the meantime? How can you help maximize their potential for progress? This list is not conclusive, but it should help give you a starting point. It's important to remember that #1 a diagnosis is not the end of the world! #2 The journey of healing is different for people. This means that even if you've suffered through depression, what [insert name] needs might not be the same thing you needed. Your role is just to offer support - let's get started! 

The "Unsaveables"

There is a new generation of kids now that are finding themselves on their own. These are the kids who steal... the kids who lie constantly... the kids who are promiscuous... the "weed heads" the yet again pregnant teen... these are the "unsaveables." The "unsaveables" most often come with an extreme amount of baggage and various labels attached to them. This baggage can be a mental disorder, such as Bipolar Disorder or Conduct Disorder. However, it could also be a medical condition the child is predisposed to, such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.