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20 Reasons Going to Therapy is Normal!

I want to address a topic that is insanely controversial (see what I did there? Heh): THERAPY! The are two major schools of thought when it comes to therapy: therapy is for crazy people + therapy can be useful when you have a rough life. Now I understand everyone doesn't believe those statements. However, the majority of the population believes one or the other. If you're in one of those categories - this post is for you! 

The thought of therapy can be intimidating, but going to therapy can be rewarding if you follow the professional's advice. Many people who have tried therapy say, "Therapy doesn't work." There are a couple of reasons they may feel this way: 

Well hello!

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Keeping in line with exploring our relationships + growing stronger, healthier, happier lives comes being honest. If we want to grow, both personally + in our relationships, the first person we have to be honest with is ourselves.

We have to confront the things that hold us back in order to move forward.