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Trust Restored | The Journey of Healing

Well this is it for sure! Your spouse just crossed the line for the last time + you are done with the relationship! You want out! No matter how many ways you phrase it or break it down - your teen directly defies what you tell them to do! You're certain you're not speaking another language + you're done. Absolutely finished! You're not sure what that looks like as a parent, but you know you're THERE! 

Trust is sacred. Trust is a demonstration of love + respect. Trust is foreign to some, yet a comfort to all. Trust allows you to do the unthinkable + believe the impossible. Without trust...there is no relationship.... I'm sure this sounds a bit harsh, but it's true! Trust is the foundation for any relationship. You trust that you will be paid in two weeks for the work you do now. You trust that when you drive across a bridge it won't give out on you. Every place we go, we experience some level of trust. Is it any wonder when it's broken we become so defensive? 

Reader Q + A | Why Do Parents Walk Away From Their Children?

Dear Reader,

Thanks for being brave enough to ask this question! So many of us are nervous or scared to invite "real life" conversations + I applaud you for being the one to get the ball rolling! There are many reasons why parents walk out on their families, but the root of all of these reasons (I believe)  is pain.  Let's think about several different situations that most likely come to mind when you think of an absentee parent

10 Epic Reasons Valentine's Day is For Everyone!

"What's love got to do - got to do with it?! What's love but a secondhand emotion?" Sing it Tina!

Oh hey there! Glad you could join me today to examine the idea of love this Valentine's Day! This post will not be super mushy, but it will not be stoic either. It's gonna be somewhere right in the middle! Getting too mushy makes people uncomfortable + being stoic about love is just plain old creepy... Ready for those epic reasons? Here we go...

As we have gone through this series, you have gotten to know several professionals from various states. Now I want to focus on 5 awesome Therapists in Illinois you should know! They all have different specialties and I can personally vouch for them! If you’re in Illinois and you’re looking for a Therapist – this list is a great place to start!