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Mental Health Recovery | Helping People in Crisis

Everyone has a gift to be given. We have heard many quotes that talk about our place in the world and our worth to those around us. We don't think of our actions as gifts of inspiration and hope. It is a common misconception for us to believe that we are only important to those closest to us, such as family members. Today I want to challenge you to think differently.... 

Your smile is truly a gift! You never know how smiling at someone can change their day. People are constantly observing us while we remain unaware that we are being studied.

20 Reasons Going to Therapy is Normal!

I want to address a topic that is insanely controversial (see what I did there? Heh): THERAPY! The are two major schools of thought when it comes to therapy: therapy is for crazy people + therapy can be useful when you have a rough life. Now I understand everyone doesn't believe those statements. However, the majority of the population believes one or the other. If you're in one of those categories - this post is for you! 

The thought of therapy can be intimidating, but going to therapy can be rewarding if you follow the professional's advice. Many people who have tried therapy say, "Therapy doesn't work." There are a couple of reasons they may feel this way: 

Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness

"I just had this feeling..."

"Something wasn't right..."

"No....a lot of people go through things like this, I just need to let this get better on it's own..."

A lot of people wait until things get bad... really bad...but if they're honest they knew...had a gut feeling....that something was wrong. Other people knew it too, but no one was ready to admit that "it" was that big of an issue.