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Spring Clean... Your Attitude!

Ever find yourself in a super agitated state? I'm not talking about when something has happened to you. I mean one of those super agitated 4 week long irritable moods.... yep - that one time you're thinking of in your head! Perhaps you find yourself in a funk and you're not really sure how to pull yourself out of it. Or maybe you feel justified for being in a funk, because people are just plain old annoying! 

Short Review | 10 Dark Parenting Truths Every Person Should Know

This week's post is slightly different than my usual posts, because I want to share a powerful article with you from someone else. I believe her message is so vital to parenting in today's society, so I want to share it with as many people as possible. If you have not read the article 10 Dark Parenting Truths Every Person Should Know by Kristen Oganowski - please head over to her site to check it out! 

I love her authenticity and honesty in this post! Many of the truths described in her post - 98% of parents have experienced before. Yet a lot of people would shame a parent who openly expressed these thoughts. This has to change. We have to come to a place where we allow people to feel how they want to feel. We then validate those feelings. Taking these steps first is what will allow us to help parents/each other move past those dark feelings. 

Through-out this series, you will be introduced to several professionals who have graciously offered to sit with me for an interview. The people I have chosen to interview have professional experience in dealing with the specific topics and would not mind (I’m sure) if you contacted them with questions. Ok, enough of my blabbing – here we go…

Meet Andy Young!

Yesterday, we dealt with some of the things newlyweds tend to go through when starting their lives together. Today I want to talk to you about dealing with a marriage that’s in crisis. Nobody intends to reach this point in marriage where you can barely stand to be in the same room with each other. However, the reality is it happens more often than not. So how do you recover from this point in marriage? How do you repair brokenness? Is it too late?