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From the Heart Breaks the Stigma Series | Suicide Prevention

I'm sure you've heard all of these myths surrounding suicide before. You may have even been the one who said/thought it. My goal in this series is to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. It's considered a taboo area + many times the only ones who are brave enough to touch on it are mental health professionals. While this is awesome to have professional support, it means nothing if people are too nervous to speak out + share their survival story

Reader Q + A | Why Do Parents Walk Away From Their Children?

Dear Reader,

Thanks for being brave enough to ask this question! So many of us are nervous or scared to invite "real life" conversations + I applaud you for being the one to get the ball rolling! There are many reasons why parents walk out on their families, but the root of all of these reasons (I believe)  is pain.  Let's think about several different situations that most likely come to mind when you think of an absentee parent

Spring Clean... Your Attitude!

Ever find yourself in a super agitated state? I'm not talking about when something has happened to you. I mean one of those super agitated 4 week long irritable moods.... yep - that one time you're thinking of in your head! Perhaps you find yourself in a funk and you're not really sure how to pull yourself out of it. Or maybe you feel justified for being in a funk, because people are just plain old annoying! 

10 Epic Reasons Valentine's Day is For Everyone!

"What's love got to do - got to do with it?! What's love but a secondhand emotion?" Sing it Tina!

Oh hey there! Glad you could join me today to examine the idea of love this Valentine's Day! This post will not be super mushy, but it will not be stoic either. It's gonna be somewhere right in the middle! Getting too mushy makes people uncomfortable + being stoic about love is just plain old creepy... Ready for those epic reasons? Here we go...