If you've never been to counseling you might be feeling a little apprehensive about what to expect in sessions. This page is meant to ease a bit of that tension.


During the first session, we will spend some time completing paperwork + getting to know you. The second session will pick up with getting into your goals + dreams for yourself. We will discuss strengths, goals + areas you want to grow in.

During the third + fourth session, we will come up with a Treatment Plan where we write down these specific goals + how we plan to reach them. When we write the Treatment Plan, we want to make the goals and action steps very specific, but realistic. For example, "Mrs. Smith will have a 15 minute conversation without yelling at {insert random name} by March 2015."

The remaining sessions will be utilized to monitor progress in reaching the goal(s), adding to or changing them or completing counseling. We will work together to decide when a goal has been reached + counseling is no longer necessary. *For more information on teen, family + group therapy, please click one of the links below.


I love working with youth who are struggling to navigate their way through the world, because the resilience they demonstrate as they go through the process is amazing! It's rewarding to see a child who struggled for so long to make sense of their life go from making negative choices where they are in trouble with the law to a child who is striving for a better life!

I am very straightforward + honest with my clients; however, I also use humor very often as we talk about some pretty heavy things. I like to focus + build on strengths, which allows clients to take the lead on their individual journey. I find that this makes the benefits of counseling more satisfying.