Joining our #fthcselfiechallenge this year?

We are so happy to have you! You can find details regarding the challenge below!

About the #fthcselfiechallenge…

The #fthcselfiechallenge was born out of a desire to celebrate each person individually for who they are! So often we get caught up in life and various responsibilities - we end up losing ourselves! The selfie challenge is a reminder that you do have even just 5 minutes a day to focus on yourself and engage in the activities that will make you feel good.

We try to mix up the selfie challenge by promoting things that make your heart, mind & soul feel good! We chose to celebrate ourselves not as a form of vanity, but to embrace the concept of self love! What better time to embrace this concept than Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is generally known as a day for celebrating couples, but what if you took time out to celebrate and show yourself some love? You can’t truly love others without first learning to love yourself!

In the past, our participants have stated that being a part of this challenge helped them to reconnect to parts of them they didn’t even know were lost. Not sure how that can be done by taking a pic? Let us show you! Even if it’s your first time and you’re a little nervous - we wanna meet you! Now show us your #selfie! Deets of the challenge coming up…

Challenge deets…

Challenge runs Feb 1st through Feb 14th

Each time you post, you must use the following hashtag #fthcselfiechallenge and tag @seidafthc. You can now follow hashtags on IG, so go ahead and follow the hashtag, so you can see everyone else’s selfie! On February 17th, one winner will be selected at random to receive a Gift Basket of self care essentials for participation in the challenge. Why do we give away gifts? Because who doesn’t love a pretty present? Plus we hope the items we give you will encourage you to maintain a self care routine!


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from the heart counseling selfie challenge

Favorite Online Hangout…. online communities have become popular - what is your favorite space to be in on the internet?

Favorite Area of Your Home…where do you spend most of your time when you’re in su casa?

Check Your Shoe Game… show us your favorite shoes.. or just the ones you’re wearing today!

Cleansing Day: Physical…cuz we can’t do a selfie challenge without sharing what revitalizes us right? Show us something physical you do that energizes you!

One of Your Favorite Humans… hopefully we all have at least one favorite human that brings us joy!

Expressive Day: Writing… show us a piece of your writing or one of your favorite pieces written by someone else!

Filter Free Selfie… in a world of filters and frames, we just wanna see your beautiful face today!

Favorite Selfie in Your Phone… come on - show us that one pic you have tucked away where you think you look fabulous, but never shared it with the world… yep, that one!

Cleansing Day: Spiritual…because our souls need to be cleansed too right?

Pure Joy… what is a tangible item that brings you pure joy?

Expressive Day: Art…got a piece of art you created? How about a piece someone else created that makes you smile? Share it!

Selfie From Your Vaca… when is the last time you went on vacation? Or even had a night on the town? Show us that selfie!

Cleansing Day: Emotional…what do you do for maintaining your emotional well being?

Expressive Day: Music… leave us with a selfie of you singing your favorite song OR just write the lyrics if you’re too shy!