A comprehensive intake evaluation is necessary before entry into any group unless you are an established client. There is ongoing open enrollment for all groups, which is subject to availability. {re}connect typically runs for 16 consecutive weekly sessions. After this time, new participants can join, existing participants can choose to continue for the next group cycle or leave the group.

{re}connect is a group for teens ages 13 to 18 years of age who struggle with:

+ thoughts of self harm

+ history of self injurious behavior

+ returning home post in-patient treatment

Benefits of {re}connect:

+ the ability to identify underlying feelings connected to self injurious behavior

+ confront distorted negative thoughts regarding anger

+ practice + apply coping strategies to overcome urges to self harm

+ freedom to explore/express emotions in a safe + supported space

Ready to get started?

There are currently openings for motivated + invested teens who are looking for a safe space to process difficult feelings, understand they're not alone in their struggles, gain personalized skills they need to move towards a happy, healthy life.

Is your teen ready for a big shift in thinking + behavior? If so, apply for a parent screening call to see if your teen is a good fit for group. I will contact you directly to explore the next steps for your teen.

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Groups are ongoing with a commitment of 16 weeks at $60 per session. Given this information, is this a committment you're able to make for your teen? *