counseling services for millennial women in saint charles il

Services Offered…




If you’re wondering whether or not to pursue therapy with us, here are some common reasons people choose to work with us…

  • Angry/Aggressive Teens

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Millennial Women

  • Trauma Recovery

  • People Experiencing A Life Crisis

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Couples in Crisis

    and more…


Individual Therapy

Most people think that some big life-changing event has to have happened in order to start therapy. The truth is you could start therapy for any reason at all. Need a listening ear? Going through life transition? Wanna learn how to manage your anxiety? Have better work-life balance? Give us a call to get started!

Family Therapy

We truly believe family is the heart of a home! This is why we partner with you to build on the skills you already have and open up the lines of communication between family members. We offer family sessions and Parent Coaching Sessions to help you and your family start thriving!

Local Workshops

For Plainfield natives (and surrounding neighborhoods), we offer both free and paid local workshops. Our workshops are held at From The Heart Counseling, Inc or a local restaurant or business.

Online Workshops

We know not all of our Tribe Members are local so we offer online workshops centered on various including, but not limited to: better communication in relationships, mental health first aid, trauma recovery, helping kids manage anxiety and more!

Couple’s Therapy

Stuck in a relationship rut? Need some relief? At From The Heart Counseling, Inc, we believe change in any relationship can start with just one person. Even if your significant other isn’t willing to start therapy, you can start to transform your relationship by taking the first step!

Support Groups

Many people feel more comfortable in a group setting hearing others share their stories and experiences. At From The Heart Counseling, Inc., we believe in the power of a positive support system to help transform your life, which is why we offer a plethora of groups for teens, millennial women and more!

FTHC Events

We love hosting events where you can meet us outside of the office, connect with local businesses, meet new people and share amazing resources to transform your life! Sign up for Tribe Mail to stay connected and learn about our upcoming events!

The FTHC Tribe

Grappling with a difficult decision? Need a listening ear at 11:52 pm? The FTHC Tribe has got you covered! The FTHC Tribe was created for those who aren’t local, but want to stay connected through an intimate membership community!