Empower Saint Charles Illinois
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Welcome to Empower! My name is Seida Hood and I am so pleased to have you join this course! Below you will find a video introduction to the course, links to each module of the course, the link to download your workbook and an exclusive invitation to connect with your Tribe of Supporters!

If you’ve reached this step in the course, then I am going to make an assumption that you’re pretty serious about wanting to enhance your life! While I’m excited that you’re motivated to make this change, I want both of us to be realistic. The work that we will be doing will be challenging, so I want you to tell one or two people about this course and goals for the course.

Why? Because you’re going to need some accountability when things start to get rough. If you’re in therapy, I would recommend sharing with your Therapist that you’re starting this course. If you’re not in therapy, choose a trusted friend, family member or perhaps your spouse if you’re married. I don’t want you to start off well and then quit when things get intense, so we are being proactive about putting some things into place!

I believe you can absolutely master the techniques we are going to practice, but it will take diligence, patience with yourself and lots of grace. I’m excited for the transformation you’re about to see! Remember I’ll be here to help you!

P.S. This course is not a substitute for clinical advice or therapy. Each situation presents unique concerns. If you need clinical advice or therapy, please consult with a licensed professional in your state.

P.P.S. If you don’t want to print your workbook, feel free to simply grab a pen and paper to write your answers on.

Each module will be released 1 day apart. TOday you have access to module 1. tomorrow you will have access to module 2, the next day module 3 and so on. Go through the course at your own pace. Just because you’re receiving access to videos doesn’t mean you need to complete them all at the same time. This is very important, because I want you to soak up all you can from each module. IF you feel stuck in any areas, you can turn to the course community for support.